Afon Dar Lodge History

Afon Dâr Lodge No. 8829
1978- 2007.

During the mid 1970’s, the then Provincial Grand Master, The Right Honourable the Lord Swansea,
encouraged the formation of new Craft Lodges throughout the Province of South Wales Eastern

In the town of Aberdare, the existing two Craft Lodges, namely St. David’s and Aberpennar, were
fortunate to have a substantial number of members in each Lodge, both in excess of one hundred.
These figures provided the Prov. Grand Master with the opportunity to allow a new Lodge to be
formed, if there was sufficient interest in the locality.

The Superintendent of Police in Aberdare at that time was Bro. Harry Sambrook, a member of the
Vale of Glamorgan Lodge No 3977, who, along with Bro.Hadyn James Parsons {St. David’s 679}
discussed the feasibility of a new Lodge being formed in Aberdare.

Word spread of this possibility and Brethren of St. David’s and Aberpennar showed considerable interest in the formation of a new Lodge.The Masonic grapevine spread its roots and it was found
there was considerable interest shown throughout the Province. Brethren from Cardiff and Pontypridd intimated their desire to be involved in this venture and a feasibility committee was formed.

Regular meetings then began at the Masonic Hall in Aberdare to discuss the numbers
required and the procedure that would be needed to allow to this to come about.

Brother Harry Sambrook, along with Brother Jim Parsons met with the Provincial Grand
Secretary W.Bro. Malcolm Hayes Thomson, who instructed them on the correct procedure as to the
creation of the new Lodge.

It was finally agreed by all concerned that the Aberpennar Lodge would be the sponsoring Lodge and
that W.Bro Henry Sturge, a Past Master of the Aberpennar Lodge, would be the first Master.

One of the advantages of forming a new Lodge in Aberdare was that the founder members, who were
not already worshipful brethren, would be able to attain the Chair of King Solomon far quicker than
if they had progressed through the offices in their mother Lodges.

A founding committee was formed and regular meetings took place in the Aberdare Masonic Hall, resulting in a list of first officers being sent to the Prov. Grand Secretary for approval.

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